Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers.

Q. Can you rank MY site?

A.We ask that you contact us before purchasing to determine if we can rank your site or not. We will not say “yes” and that we can to every single person or company. Some niches are very competitive, such as “limos Chicago” and we cannot rank more than 1 person letter “A” spot! It is harder to rank a Places Page today than it used to be. (See below).


Q. What are some of the factors needed to get a Top Letter “A” Spot?

A. When Places Pages first started, you could just do basic optimization of a Places Page and get good rankings. Now, Google places much emphasis on your website as well. You need to not only have a website, but your website needs to have basic-moderate Optimization as well.


Q. What if I do not have a website or no SEO done to my website?

A. We also offer Search Engine Optimization and can build you a professional website at a competitive price to help you rank and bring in new clientele.


Q. What is your guarantee?

A. We guarantee that after 180 days of your places page going live, you will be on the front page for key phrases your target audience (such as Seattle Painter). In the rare event we fail to meet this guarantee, call us and you will not be billed again and we will continue to work on your listing until on the front page of Google Places.


Q. How does pricing work?

A. There is a set up fee and monthly maintenance fee. The set up fee is used for setting up the page, on page optimization, video creation, images optimization, citations, maps, backlinks and more. The monthly maintenance is to maintain the listing and work on it to make sure the ranking stays solid and keeps increasing.


Q. What countries do you serve?

A. We are proud to state we now serve all countries, and this site can also be translated into your language via Google Translate. Note that the translation of this page may not be fully proper language due to Google Translate’s capabilities, but understand that in no way determines the quality of the SEO work performed for your website and company.


Q. So do you support non-English keywords?

A. Yes!


Q. When can I start seeing results?

A. You should expect to see results in between 1-4 months for low and medium targeted areas and 3-5 months for high targeted areas. It all depends on different metrics and the business web presence.


Q. Do you provide me with reports?

A. Yes we provide monthly reports for you.


Q. Do you offer virtual address or virtual telephone service?

A. YES, we do offer a virtual address and phone service for $100 extra each. USA only.


Q. Do you write fake reviews?

A. No, we do not write fake reviews. You need to submit 8 reviews per month so we can distribute them wherever you wish.


Q. What other services do you provide?

A. You can see our other services here. We offer website SEO, Citations, Bing Optimization, Yahoo Optimization, and website creation and design.

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